Lacey’s Boho Party | Princess Dream Birthday

boho theme

We had the pleasure of celebrating little Lacey’s 1st birthday in the beautiful Gatakers Bay located in Point Vernon, Hervey Bay. For this birthday party, we wanted an elegant boho party theme while still ticking the standard kids birthday party boxes. What we were able to deliver for the lovely family, the birthday girl and their guests was a 3 zoned area to cater to all age groups that had received invitations for this special occasion. The Princess Dream Package was the perfect solution.

Boho Themed Picnic Tables

One of the three zones was the boho picnic tables which provided comfortable seating for 14 guests. Positioned well under some shady trees and the two boho party umbrellas, guests had the best of the QLD spring sun and the cool shade.

The low picnic tables were great to kick back next to, snack and enjoy a drink or two with great company. The height also made it perfect for the kids who were easily able to be a part of the celebrations when it came time to sing happy birthday and cut the cake.

The tableware and subtle pink decorations were simple and beautiful which really enhanced the boho themed party.

Boho Party Bell Tent

Easily one of the best birthday party ideas I have seen. The kids loved the tent and its private teepee vibe, while the parents enjoyed it just as much. Inside the tent, we had a pink bubble machine, pink playdough station and a pink and purple ball pit which came with the Princess Dream Package. The kids literally played in here for hours and we found it to be a great space to play pass the parcel.

As the day warmed up in standard Hervey Bay fashion, the sides of the tent easily rolled up to let in the ocean breezes of Gatakers Bay.

Boho Themed Games Area

The third zone of the package was the boho themed games area which had a giant Jenga and Finska set. This was where the dads congregated, played a few games and made the most of the fresh air. A party idea like a couple of games is so simple but is really well thought out to target the dads and the older children who you typically need to drag along to these kinds of special occasions.

Boho Events & Styling

I am really happy with how the day went, the service, the offering and the feedback I received from all my party guests. Tayla was able to set up the whole thing in roughly 1 hour and a bit and had it all packed up even quicker. 

Some people might say it was a little over the top for a 1st birthday party, however, I couldn’t disagree more. Our little girl only turns one once, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect in getting family and friends from across QLD to attend. We now have amazing memories and photos that will be talked about for years to come.

Now knowing the ease and value of using this service, we will definitely be using Boho Events & Styling again for an upcoming 30th birthday party. 

Thank you for making our little girls day special 🙂