Popular Party Ideas In 2022

Hello 2023 and goodbye 2022 (and even 2021)! Things are finally returning to a new kind of normal, even though we have had a shaky start to the year. This year we are seeing lots of people making up for lost time and making a big deal about. We all have been limited over the last couple of years with parties, celebrations and connecting with loved ones (near and far). 2023 is going to be big for party goers and there are a number of popular party ideas that we will start seeing.


We have collaborated with some local and industry experts to bring you the most popular party ideas for 2023 with some event styling ideas to really make your celebration pop! This top party trends list has been put together with Queenslanders in mind, maximising the beautiful Hervey Bay location and weather.

Here are some of the most popular party ideas for 2023:

1. Everything Is Celebration Worthy

outdoor popular party ideas
Boho Events & Styling - Coachella Vibes

After the last couple years we have all learnt that it is important to make the most of today, as the future may be hit with restrictions, isolations and lockdowns. In other words, make hay while the sun shines, or let’s party while we can!

Already this year, we are seeing more and more interest in our event hire service and we are hearing from our local party partners that they are being inundated with enquiries for the standard celebrations:

  • Birthday parties

  • Bridal showers / hens nights

  • Baby showers

  • Engagements

  • Anniversaries

  • Weddings

  • Work functions

But this year in particular we are seeing a growing interest in:

  • Reunions with friends and family

  • Housewarming parties

  • Bigger celebrations for milestone birthdays: 13th birthdays, the sweet 16th, 18th birthday (the debut), 21st (music festival), 30th (big and bold), and all the decade birthdays

  • Surprise birthdays, engagements and weddings

  • Premium picnics for long overdue catch ups with friends and families


Whatever the celebration or excuse, make 2023 the year you reconnect with friends, family and make the most of what Hervey Bay has to offer.

2. Outdoor Parties & Events

party picnic hire
Boho Events & Styling - Boho Moon

We will continue to see the popularity of outdoor events increase. One of the main drivers of this trend will be due to COVID vaccination rules along with indoor capacity restrictions. Having an outdoor party will mean all your guests, vaccinated or not can attend compared to a normal indoor venue (check out the current restrictions from QLD Health). As 2023 is all about reconnection, you want to be able to celebrate with all your loved ones without restrictions on who can attend and the number of people that can attend.

Another driver for outdoor event popularity can be explained by the work from home phenomena. More people are cooped up in their study or spare room for hours upon hours and are needing some much needed exposure to nature (and some vitamin d). You see this even in the fitness world, more and more people are trekking up and down the esplanade instead of swiping into their local gym. An article from the Sydney Morning Herald states that a quarter of people post covid won’t return to the gym as they have found a more suitable alternative in outdoor exercise.


A last and important reason why outdoor parties are in this season is due to the laid back coastal vibe and unbeatable weather that Hervey Bay and most coastal Queensland cities share. Stats from Climate-Data.org state that on average Hervey Bay has only 76 days of rain per year which is just under 21% of the time. This makes Hervey Bay a great option for anyone wanting an outdoor event, party or wedding.

popular party ideas - hervey bay esplanade
Hervey Bay Esplanade

Here are some of the popular party ideas for outdoor events in 2023:


  1. Bring the inside, outside. Bring your comfy rugs, cushions, poufs and lounges outdoors to create a luxe bohemian feel

  2. Backyard shindigs. We are blessed to have decent sized backyards compared to the rest of the country (and even the world). Make the most of the patch of grass you have out back or your alfresco area and use it to host your next event

  3. Have a variety of seating options to encourage conversation and connection – a lounges suite to the side, main table in the middle, a bunch of cushions and beanbags out back

  4. Floral arrangements and balloon garlands for colour, warmth and irresistible photo opportunities

  5. Go big! Bell tents and dressed up marquees make a big statement but also provide useful shelter from the QLD sun and a bit of privacy

  6. Lighting. Use festoon lights and candles to transport your space to something special as the sun starts to go down

romantic date ideas
Boho Events & Styling - Sunset Romance

3. Size Matters

Balloon garland
The Pop-Up Party Co. - Balloon Garland Kits

The bigger the better, and yes we are still talking about parties. More and more people are making up for lost time and making their 2022 parties ones to remember! Party ideas we will see this year are:



  1. Big and bold decor – big in size, loads of details and bold in colour

  2. Entertainment – performers, games / activity areas, and photo booths / backdrops

  3. Unique themes – Travel destination themes are in with international travel not getting off the runway (pun intended). A Hawaiian theme and dress up might be suited to your luau, or a more laid back mediterranean vibe might suit your fiesta. Another trend that started making its mark in 2021 and continues to boom is the DIY music festivals, turning your own property into a mini music festival. The boho feel of the Summer festivals of yester-years are definitely making a comeback this season 

  4. Statement catering – grazing boards & grazing tables, personalised cakes, cookies and canapes that tie into your theme.

Custom birthday cookies
Brookies Cookies - Birthday Cookies

4. It Didn’t Happen Unless It Is On Instagram

valentines day flowers
Yesterdaisy - Valentines Day Cookie Bunch
valentines day
Boho Events & Styling - Sunset Romance

Compared to the good old days (pre covid), 2021 and 2022 were pretty vanilla on the experience side of things. Minimal travel opportunities, lots of people were financially impacted so no big soirees, most decent-sized events were shut down to restrictions, and the majority of our social media feeds were just filled with posts about our dogs, kids and the lack of toilet paper at Woolies. Similar to the previous top party idea (Size Matters), people are going big on all the details to create a memorable and Instagram-worthy event. In 2023 expect to see:


  1. More celebrations using party hire services to deck out their event. Not just a few eskys and BBQ, but people creating something special by hiring tables, seating, tents, marques, catering and styling services

  2. Floral arrangements are back in. COVID has given us a new found appreciation for indoor plants (we all ended up at bunnings at some point to scratch out green thumb itch), which is one of the factors that is contributing to this trend. Pastel colours are in and expect to see lots of baby’s breath flowering in pots, vases or hanging overhead at party venues this year

  3. Backdrops and balloon garlands. As above, pastel colours along with earthy, natural and rustic materials are making a big statement in 2023. Expect to see matte finished balloons combined with bohemian inspired backdrops setup for perfect photo opportunities

  4. Eclectic furniture. Premium cushions, rustic tables, coastal lounges, Moroccan poufs, minimalistic bar tables & stools are just a handful of the eclectic furniture pieces we will see at events this year. Some are saying this year is where the boho-chic theme will dominate, mainly due to the sheer amount of luxury, warmth, comfort and grandeur this style will bring to you and your guests.

5. Individuality

kids party hervey bay
Boho Events & Styling - Princess Dream (with kids party games)

One of the things that is exciting about events in 2023 is the uniqueness of it. A positive from COVID is that it has helped lots of people realise what is truly important to them. A change in jobs, a change in scenery, and a change in what they prioritise in their life. 


2023 is the year of YOU! Embrace your individuality with the use of colours, party themes and decor that you are drawn to. Expect to see people’s personalities be expressed from the invitations, the flowers, lighting, linens and catering.

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Popular Party Ideas 2023

So there we have it, the top party ideas you will see in 2023. I hope you can use some of these to help with your party planning this year. If you are looking for any more information or inspiration, then check out Boho Events & Styling most popular packages and follow us on our socials.

Lastly, enjoy 2022! It has been a challenging couple of years and all of us deserve to let our hair down with our friends, family and loved ones.